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The following 4 cookies make up the nucleus of Alchemy’s catalog of wonders. Each one can be ordered by the dozen, but they are also

available as a “Cookie Tasting Flight” with 3 of each included in a dozen. These are our only cookies offered as a mixed variety dozen.

S’MORES   6.00

Our Alchemists love s’mores, like obsessively love them, so we took it upon ourselves to craft a cookie that truly honors this classic camping treat. Our creation transforms the world’s best chocolate chip cookie into a bona fide, sitting by the campfire s’more. We bake an entire graham cracker into the bottom of these beauties, plunge thick shards of real Hershey’s®  chocolate into the top, cover it with golden toasted marshmallows (not puddles of white goo that used to be marshmallows, not raw marshmallows out of a bag, actual TOASTED Marshmallows) and finally, we sprinkle on a crowning glory of toasted graham cracker crumbs and sea salt for an extra dose of s’more goodness.  Something wicked this way comes, and it is this cookie!

SCT Website.png


Chocolate and pecans and salted caramel, Oh My! A captivating cookie, the SCT is filled with ridiculous amounts of chocolate, topped with pools of salted caramel, sprinkled with crunchy toasted pecans, and finish with chunks of real Demet's original Turtles®. This thing is any caramel lovers paradise and any turtle lover's dream.


*An important note: Alchemy deals with some strange combinations and experiments with some far-out ingredients but it is important we clarify that no actual turtles were salted, nor did we pour caramel on them, while developing this recipe . . . it’s a type of candy.

Triple Chocolate Chip Website.png



The Holy Grail from which all other cookies sprang forth.  This recipe took the better part of an adult lifetime to get exactly right. The laws of physics are suspended to get this many chocolate chips into a single cookie. Crisp around the edges and gooey chewy in the center, this is the cookie you envision when you think about a chocolate chip cookie. Intense notes of vanilla and sweet cream butter combine with the 3 different chocolates to create a flavor profile that is as familiar as childhood and as elevated as a daydream. With or without nuts, this cookie is intoxicating perfection. 

Heath Bar Crunch Website 2.png



Toffee lovers of the world unite. At Alchemy Bakehouse we understand that those who like toffee don’t just ‘like’ toffee, they LOVE it! Our Alchemists are not content mixing a couple of pieces of toffee into some cookie batter and calling it good.  No ma’am. We start by melding ridiculous amounts of chocolate and toffee pieces into the dough, then we mound each cookie with bits of toffee & chocolate, and as the final coup de grace we top each cookie with triangle slabs of chocolate-covered Heath® bars.  You’re welcome.



And what do the 4 Horsemen usher in? The Apocalypse of course. This one's a doozy.

Apocalypse Cookie Website.png


(2 dozen minimum purchase)


The cookie that might just usher in the apocalypse. A dastardly combination of our ‘4 Horsemen’ tasting flight (and then some.) Some sweet, some salty, some soft, some crunchy, some chewy, it is a beautiful mess befitting 2020. Who puts pretzels and potato chips and breakfast cereal and marshmallows in a cookie? We must be nuts! … Come to think of it let's throw in some nuts. and toffee. and chocolate. and butterscotch. Try it if you dare, but if you hear thundering hooves don't say we didn’t warn you.



Alchemy is defined as the process of combining ordinary things to create something extraordinary. It is a seemingly magical process of creation through transformation . . . combining disparate ingredients and transforming them into something  more than the sum of their parts. If you give kids (and most adults) the choice between their favorite cookie and their favorite candy bar to indulge in for a special treat,  their collective heads may explode trying to make a decision. Here at Alchemy Bakehouse we generally frown upon exploding heads so, instead of risking potential cranial explodomous, we simply give humanity what it actually wants: BOTH.  The gems below combine cookies and candy bars to create magical 

mash-ups for the masses  (and exponentially less brain matter clean-up.)

Kit Kat  Website.png

KIT KAT®   6.00


Sometimes you just need a break. A break from work, a break from kids, a break from life struggles in general . . . you know, a delicious chocolate covered wafer cookie kind of break.

Kit Kat cookie to the rescue. Slow down for a moment and escape into a cookie designed specifically to make you forget about your worries and your strife.  This cookie is filled with 3 kinds of chocolate, has rich brown sugar & vanilla notes, and barely contains all the huge chunks of this candy bar favorite mixed right in. (And of course it would not be an Alchemy cookie without Kit Kat mini’s loaded on top.) This cookie will melt away your anxiety and stress from the first bite to the last. So have a break, have a Kit Kat. You deserve it.

Butterfinger Cookie Website.png



Crispity Crunchity Peanut Buttery. We could not have said it better ourselves. This famous catch phrase perfectly sums up our Oompa Loompa orange peanut butter masterpiece. A decadent chocolate chip peanut butter cookie stuffed with crumbled Butterfingers and topped with a whole fun-sized  bar, this is a Butterfinger-lovers dream and proof that orange is indeed the new black!  Just be prepared to channel your inner Bart Simpson if you need to set this beauty down: "You better not lay a finger on my Butterfinger (Cookie)!"

100 Grand  Website.png

100 GRAND®   6.00


Does anybody else remember when they realized 100 Grand bars are basically Nestle Crunch® bars wrapped around an ungodly amount of caramel? No other candy can come close to competing with the vaunted  chocolate-to-caramel ratio of these beauties.  Whoever thought it up was a mad genius if ever there was one. It is our experience that most people don't often think of  100 Grand bars but, with the mere mention of these amazing mouth motivators,  the nearly universal response is: "OMG! I love those things!" We do too, which is why we hunted high and low to find a steady supplier so we could bring this cookie to life. Rumor has it that if you heat it up for a few seconds it is, and we quote,  "A mouth full of happiness worth a 100 Grand and then some."

Reese's Overload Website.png


(2 dozen minimum purchase)


A cookie so spectacularly peanut butterrific it is nearly unfathomable. Follow us here: Take a peanut butter cookie made with chunky peanut butter and loaded with chocolate, mix in Reese’s peanut butter chips and Reese’s Pieces, then top with more Reese’s Pieces,  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Mini’s, Reese's Take 5 Bars, Reese's Sticks, and any other Reese’s product we feel like overloading onto this P.B. Behemoth. It is like getting an entire Easter basket on top of a single cookie. Careful peanut butter lovers, this one may cast a spell on you that will never be broken.

Baby Ruth Website.png

BABY RUTH ®   6.00


When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was go hunting with my dad. As I look back, It was actually more about spending time together in the outdoors than hunting itself. We had lots of little rituals and traditions around this, but one of my favorites was stopping at a little country store, well before sunrise, to get what my dad refered to as GeeDunk. My mom would always pack us a sensible lunch, sandwiches and such, but GeeDunk was the stuff mom would  never buy. Cupcakes, jerky, Bugles, Pepsi, nuts, candy bars . . . the good stuff. The sky was the limit with one rule: Don’t tell mom. And I didn’t. Ever. I was not about to kill that golden goose. My dad’s go-to candy bar in that era was the Baby Ruth. This is where I first tried it and, while this may not be a popular opinion, I have found it to be superior to the Snickers ever since.  So this one is to pay homage to happy memories with my dad. In addition to chocolate chunks, this cookie is loaded with Baby Ruth pieces and honey roasted peanuts then topped with more of the same. Drink an ice cold Pepsi with this one and alternate bites with a couple of crunchy Bugles for the full sweet and salty GeeDunk experience!

Twix Website.png

TWIX ®   6.00


We couldn’t have a ‘Candy Bar Collection’ without a Twix Bar cookie. In fact we had to promise, on pain of death, we would create it . . . and it is a good thing we did. This cookie has been a chart topper from day one. It would seem whether you prefer the  left  or the right, everyone loves Twix. A simple, but oh so satisfying cookie, this Twixalicious conjuring is filled with 3 kinds of chocolate & stuffed with chopped up Twix bars. Then, to add insult to injury, we top it with a triad of fun size Twix and just a touch of sea salt to make the chocolate and caramel sparkle.  

Mars & The Milky Way Website.png



Our head generally lives in the stars here at Alchemy Bakehouse. It is the way of dreamers. So creating a cookie combining chocolate bars based on celestial nomenclature was an inevitability. Terrestrially speaking, Milky Way & Mars bars fit the bill perfectly. These two classics have been making candy bar lovers stary-eyed for going on 100 years and one thing is for certain, we are suckers for vintage candy! Here’s the 411 for the uninitiated: Mars has divinity-like vanilla nougat with deep toffee caramel and toasted almonds, Milky Way is layers of fluffy, malted chocolate nougat and rich caramel, both are coated in thick creamy milk chocolate. What’s not to love? So putting them both together in a single, spectacular cookie sounded like a match made in the heavens to us. 

Mounds of Joy.png



Let’s start with a public service announcement: If you’re not that into coconut, move along, there is nothing to see here. If you are still reading, welcome! The coconut-obsessed are an interesting and exclusive lot. We are generally sweet people, but we have a dark side too. A Naughty to our Nice, a Slytherin to our Gryffindor,  a Sith to our Jedi. It is what makes us unique, and this cookie was created with that duality in mind!


Look, sometimes you feel like a nut. sometimes you don’t. … And sometimes you just want to abdicate all adult responsibility and have both. We’re cool with that, so go ahead and indulge the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. This cookie is filled with devilishly dark and angelic milk chocolate, sweet coconut flakes, and chopped-up chunks of both Mounds® and Almond Joy® bars. Then, in true dark & light side fashion, We top each cookie with toasted coconut and one of each famous coconut candy bar. No hand wringing decisions, no guilt over excess, just beautiful balance and a candy unifying dream come true. 

Snickers Explosion Website.png



You're not you when you're hungry.  Have no fear, the Snickers Explosion Cookie has you covered . . .  in spades.  We start by chopping up traditional Snickers bars to mix into the cookie dough. A lot of them. More Snickers than we are willing to admit. Then the fun starts. You see, Snickers is no longer just peanuts, caramel, nougat, and chocolate. The Snickers brand makes over 20 different varieties of this beloved candy bar. We like to refer to this blissful excess as 'the devil's playground'. It allows us to pile on a variety of any flavors that strike our fancy in the moment, and boy do we ever. This cookie is always topped with three to five different types of  Snickers bars and will cure your hunger in delicious ways heretofore unimagined so you can get back to being you. Snickers may satisfy, but the Snickers Explosion Cookie has been known to induce euphoria.

Nestle Star Crunch Website.png



Nestle Crunch Bars are crispy rice covered in milk chocolate. Star Crunch Cookies are crispy rice covered in milk chocolate covering chewy caramel. We wondered "What would happen if we chopped up a bunch of both, poured in a ton of milk chocolate chips, and  threw in some caramel toffee bits?" Some might say we created the worlds best trail mix. They would be correct. However, even though we thought long and hard about binge watching old episodes of Star Trek while eating it like popcorn, we remembered discretion is generally the better part of valor so, instead, we decided to dump it into our cookie dough and create this star gazing galactic masterpiece for you! 

Take 5 Website.png

TAKE 5  6.00


The Take 5 Bar is a relative new-comer to the candy landscape. It is basically perfect. Peanut Butter, Pretzels, Peanuts, and Caramel drenched in Milk Chocolate. The combination of salty & sweet is kind of our thing , so this little beauty with it's array of stimulating textures and flavors was sure to make it onto and into an Alchemy Cookie. It first made an appearance on the Reeces Explosion cookie where it still moonlights as a regular part of the ensemble cast. But the public fervor over pretzels in a cookie soon lead us to create a showcase cookie for the Take 5. We  fill our signature peanut butter cookie with chopped Take 5 bars, pretzels, our signature chocolate chip blend, and caramel bits. We then dip half the cookie in chocolate, sprinkle it with salty pretzels, and top with huge triangles of Take 5 Bars. We know you're thinking it: O M G !

Absolute Zero Website.png


Zero to hero, just like that. Okay, for those of you unfamiliar with a Zero bar, it is a classic confection that has been around since 1920. It is made up of roasted peanuts, almond nougat and caramel, coated in white fudge. At Alchemy Bakehouse we have a thing for vintage candy so clearly we needed to showcase it in a cookie. We did add a few twists and turns along the way. We roasted our own peanuts, chopped up our own caramel, threw in some toffee bits for good measure, and even crafted our own homemade almond butter to mix into our malted dough. It is a little crazy, this one, but we have Zero regrets!

Caramel Trifecta Website.png


Any caramel lovers in the audience tonight?  How many Rolos fans?  Milk Duds? How about pure Caramel Bits?  By the amount of applause I would say most of you are rabidly into it! And why wouldn't you be? This cookies is sticky, gooey, soft and chewy all rolled into one. To say caramel is a texture bonanza is barely believable, but in this case it runs the gamut from melt in your mouth luxury to really upsetting your orthodontist all in a single cookie. This is the way.

Toblerone Website.png


Fun Fact: Toblerone  was invented by Theodor Tobler. The name comes from his surname, plus 'torrone' a candy made of honey and almonds.  Another fun fact: You are probably eating it wrong. To break off the individual triangles most people hold the bar with one hand and pull each peak AWAY from the one next to it with the other. In reality the bars are designed to hold in one hand so you can pull the peak toward its neighbor with your thumb. it will snap cleanly and be held in place while you pop it in your mouth . . . kind of like operating a PEZ, but a helluva lot more delicious. Final fun fact (who knew Toblerone was so fascinatingnext time you encounter a bar see if you can find the bear in the logo. This is not a prank, it is there! This Alchemy cookie is as fun as it's namesake candy bar. It contains chopped up toblerone in the dough and an entire chocolate Alps mountain range on top. We did all the breaking apart work so you don't have to.

Eat, Enjoy, Yodel!

Daim Website.png

DAIM (Chocolate Fudge Toffee)  6.00

It is a well established fact that we are toffee junkies here at Alchemy Bakehouse. You might say bonafide golly toffeecanis freaks. However, on the candy bar front, pickins are pretty slim for toffee. You have your Heath bar, your Skor bar, and your Symphony Bar with almonds & toffee. That is pretty much it.  Well, when we found out from one of our foreign correspondents that there is another option called Daim from Sweden we sat up and paid attention. And when we found out that Daim makes several varieties of flavored chocolate covered toffees we lost our collective minds. We had samples shipped to us and this stuff, in all its flavor combinations, is ridiculous. It became our mission to share it's gloriousness with the world through cookies. So we created a chocolate toffee cookie sure to induce Stockholm syndrome. It will hold you captive and you will develop an emotional bond with this one, guaranteed. It is one Daim good cookie!



Alchemy Bakehouse uses an ungodly amount of chocolate in 3/4 of the cookies we make so it may seem odd to have a ‘chocolate collection’.

It isn’t. We consulted chocolate, and chocolate respectfully asked to have its own section where chocolate was virtually the only ingredient. We complied because we never want to be on chocolate's bad side. This is some chocolatey stuff folks. Be Vigilant. Use Caution. Live Long  & Chocolate.

*You will also find one of chocolate’s brownie brethren leading a coup in the Alchemy Curiosities section.

Please show him the respect and reverence he deserves as well.

Death By Chocolate Website.png



Ask yourself, have you ever seen anything named ‘Death By Chocolate’ that looked like it might actually be DEATH by chocolate? We didn’t think so. This cookie is about to change all that. A midnight-dark chocolate cookie, filled with an absurd amount of 3 kinds of decadent chocolate and rolled in Dark Chocolate Cream Oreo® crumbs, this thing is a scythe-toting, black robe wearing chocolate specter of doom. If you look hard enough you can almost see Death’s intense, searing, unrelenting gaze staring back at you from this cookie’s soul.

Say. Your. Prayers.

Cocoa Crinkle Website.png



You know it. You love it. Impossibly fudgey,  brownie-like cookies buried in confectioners sugar and baked to expose those intoxicating deep black chocolate cracks, crags and crevices. We love them just because they look so cool. Our version of this classic is a little different because we use black cocoa to achieve stunning contrast, and we spike the dough with extra dark mini chocolate chips to achieve a truly intense chocolate flavor that rises through the sweet snowy exterior. Release the Kraken!

Frosted Fudge Brownie Website.png



Did you wake up this morning feeling dangerous?  If not, we suggest you skip this cookie.  Seriously. Keep scrolling. There are other far less risky offerings to be discovered. This cookie is a flat-out chocolate nightmare and is meant for only the most devout members of the chocolate-loving occult. We even considered adding a warning label, a parental advisory sticker, a little map to the nearest convenience store for emergency milk . . . ANYTHING to protect unsuspecting consumers from the chocolate onslaught they are about to encounter. This cookie is the deepest, darkest, chocolate monstrosity we create. The frosting alone will send less than pure chocoholics crying to their mothers, and the cookie . . . well, it is a circumference of brownie edges surrounding a dastardly dark, ferociously fudgey center. A truly unholy permutation of the world’s wickedest brownie baked into cookie form. You. Have. Been. Warned. 

PB S'mores Website.png



There is a dessert that I tried years ago that knocked me for a loop. It was a peanut butter s'more concoction.  I ordered it because I am an absolute sucker for anything labeled as s'more, but I had very low expectations because peanut butter and s'mores seemed like an unholy union.  I was incorrect. It was glorious. I am not sure it is 100% accurate to call it a "s'more ", but it is up-leveled s'more adjacent and if it is  wrong I don't want to be right. This is a nod to that otherworldly s'mexperience. A gooey chocolate cookie  stuffed with milk chocolate and peanut butter chips is topped with toasted marshmallows, graham cracker shards, and peanut butter cups. This particular cookie is one we recommend heating up in the microwave for 15-20 seconds for the full intended experience.

Salted Caramel Brownie Website.png



 Avast there! It be too late to alter course now. Beware of plundering pirates lurking in every cove. Mark well me words mateys, dead men tell no tales! Ye come seekin’ cookies, aye? Sure ye come to the proper place. Hold on tight with both hands if you please and keep a weather eye open, there be swirling pools of golden salted caramel ahead, topping a brownie cookie filled with toffee bits and caramel pieces and chocolate treasures galore. Eat up me hearties yo ho! 

Cosmic Brownie Website.png



Nothing triggers ‘little kid nostalgia’ quite like the sight of a cosmic brownie.  It is hard to believe this coveted lunch box treat was not actually introduced until 1999.  If you were under age 6 that year you have never know a world without this galactic wonder.  But, and here's the crazy thing,  even if you were an adult when the cosmic brownie was introduced it still feels vividly like a memory from your childhood.  A true 'Baked Good Mandela Effect'. Even if it is just wistful remembrances, Alchemy decided to create a cookie that speaks to the cosmic nostalgia in all of us. We start with our fudgey brownie cookie dough, fill it with chocolate & rainbow chips and bake an actual cosmic brownie into the cookie. Then we ice it with rich chocolate frosting and sprinkle with brilliantly colored, candy coated space dust. This cookie is truly out of this world. ​

Darkly Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Websi



Now we take a turn into the darkest part of the Alchemy Bakehouse dungeon laboratory. What we concoct here is not for the faint of heart. It is a pathway to many creations some consider to be . . . unnatural. This one, much like the Reese’s Overload cookie, is full-on peanut butter excess, but instead of a peanut butter cookie, its magnificence rises from a rich dark chocolate cookie base with a perfectly crispy edge and a gooey chewy center. Just because you can do something does not mean you should do something. We did it anyway.

FUDGE MOUNDS  2.0     6.00


 A wedding reception I attended when I was perhaps 10 years old inspired this cookie.  There was a tray of chocolate frosted cookies that made my little kid brain explode because under the chocolate frosting was a melted marshmallow. Very avant-garde for the time. I later found out they were called Fudge Mounds.  I begged my mom to ask for the recipe, which she did, and It became a family favorite.  However, as the years past, this recipe was lost to time. I recently rediscovered it and, sadly, the cookie did not match my lofty memory of it.  It was a little bland. Not all that chocolaty.  Not much marshmallow. And the frosting was kind of flavorless. So, because I grew up to be a professional cookie baker,  I set out to do better. The Fudge Mound 2.0 was born. A deeply chocolate cookie, objectively FUDGE-y, with a layer of soft caramel covered by an actual MOUND of marshmallow. Frosted with rich chocolate frosting and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, this cookie update elevates to the level of my memory and then some. 



Not into intensely chocolate bliss or peanut butter explosions? Not a problem. These cookies will transport you back to a simpler time with

an Alchemy twist. Not to worry, they are every bit as incredible as their more gaudy brethren.  After all, sweet simplicity can be true Alchemic art. 

WCCMN Website.png


(2 dozen minimum purchase)


Every dark thing must be balanced with the light. This is our pure white light of a ‘chocolate’ cookie. Most creations of this type are overpowered with white chocolate. Not here. Macadamia nuts are the true star. We enhance their toasted crunchiness with bits of toffee, caramel,  and just enough white chocolate for a creamy, sweet complement. There is a lot going on here for a ‘simple’ cookie. Crisp golden edges, a soft chewy center, and a sprinkle of sea salt to finish. 

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Website.png



This is a straight-up classic. Oatmeal is so comforting and the extra dark brown sugar we add makes these beauties really sing. But wait, isn’t oatmeal RAISIN the straight-up classic? Not at our bakery, it isn’t. Around here we relate to the Woody Paige quote: “Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.” Your mental health is important to us, and we would never want to traumatize you or those you love in this way. There is exactly ONE person on the planet who can order this cookie with raisins instead of chocolate chips, and that is our chief cookie alchemist’s dad.

UnBirthday Funfetti Website.png



“Why is a raven like a writing-desk?” (Noodle that one through and get back to us.) Here at Alchemy Bakehouse we’re mad, bonkers, completely off our head. But we’ll tell you a little secret . . . all the best people are! Take the Mad Hatter for example, this lovably loquacious lunatic is the maddest of them all, and yet still insightful enough to posit this gem:   “Now statistics prove you’ve but one birthday. Imagine it, just one birthday every year. Ahhh, but there are 364 UNbirthdays!” . . . It is this realization that inspired the creation of our  Unbirthday Cookie. A perfect way to celebrate any day, this funfetti cake batter-flavored sugar cookie is dotted with white chocolate chips, doused in rainbow sprinkles and dusted with diamond-like sanding sugar. But where it goes completely mad is when you dip it in one of our Spellcaster™ frosting cups. Funfetti cake batter frosting is the clear ‘match made in wonderland’, but for those who like to live life “Curiouser and curiouser” pick any flavor. Mix it up. Live a little. We’re all mad here.

Fluffernutter Website.png



This cookie is a combination of childhood favorites from a bygone era. A Fluffernutter, for those of you who are unaware, is a freakin’ awesome sandwich slathered with peanut butter and a thick layer of marshmallow fluff. Similarly, Moon Pies are sort of the cookie version of a fluffernutter that have marshmallow sandwiched between graham cookies enrobed in various sweet flavored coatings. So, here we are, combining a bit of nostalgic little kid wundercraft into cookie art ... again. Sounds like us. Brace yourself: A peanut butter cookie stuffed with peanut butter chips, toffee peanuts, creamy peanut butter ribbons, gooey marshmallow, and a mini vanilla moon pie baked right into the bottom. This is a true taste of yesteryear marshmallow awesomeness. 

Triple Chocolate Chip W:Nuts Website.png



There are two kinds of cookie people: Those that dream of a world in which walnuts and chocolate chips form the cornerstone of a utopian cookie society . . . and  those that believe walnuts and chocolate chips fraternizing together form a depraved and unholy alliance that deserves no place among civilized cookie connoisseurs. If walnuts are your thing, these cookies will not disappoint  We brown sugar glaze whole walnut pieces, sprinkle them with sea salt, and place copious amounts on top of each cookie. These glazed walnuts boldly take center stage, adding a pronounced sweet & salty crunch to every bite. (Even the nut-averse might make an exception for this one. Don't worry, we won't tell.)

Iced Oatmeal Website.png



Perfectly Basic, or is that Basically Perfect? The answer is both. When we make a ‘simple cookie’ it actually takes a little extra care and attention to ensure it’s nostalgic flavors are spot-on. We realize often times when you remember your favorite treats from childhood they tend to be better in your memory than reality. With that in mind we strive to make cookies that match your perception by elevating their flavor profile to new heights. This old-fashioned iced oatmeal cookie does just that by adding notes of toffee, molasses, vanilla bean and a couple of secret ingredients that will make you say “Wow, this cookie is just like my grandma used to make!”

Candy Carnival Website.png

CANDY CARNIVAL (M&M’s)    6.00


Nothing brings a kid-like smile to a cookie lover’s face quite like the sight of glistening, brightly colored M & M’s®. It’s hard to explain, but we think it’s akin to the feeling you got as a child walking down a carnival midway at twilight. The twist here is we also load the batter with tons of chocolate chips to give this cookie a more complex flavor profile than a traditional M & M cookie. Truth be told, we are also giddy when we get to use the holiday-themed colors during certain times of year.

Circus Animal Sugar Website_edited.png



We actually tried to create a time machine. We bought a DeLorean and found a 'like new' Flux Capacitor on eBay but, try as we might, our efforts thus far have been in vain.  So, until we can get the kinks worked out, we created a cookie designed to take you back in time time to your childhood.  There is just something about those little pink and white circus animals with the colorful sprinkles that bring out the kid in all of us. A stroll down nostalgia lane. They just look like happiness. So we chop them up and mix them into a classic sugar cookie dough with even more rainbow nonpareils then top these big top beauties with sparkling sanding sugar along with lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.   Something wickedly delicious this way comes and it is this cookie.

Snickerdoodle Website.png



You asked. We answered. This is a beautifully simple cookie that was developed and added due to popular demand (and because it is a favorite of one of our earliest fans!). We elevate the standard issue snickerdoodle by sourcing a special cinnamon from Indonesia. This cinnamon is smooth, delicious, and extremely aromatic. We have heard people say it smells like a dream. Combine this exotic spice with sweet sugar, and that signature “snickerdoodle tang” and, from the first bite to the last, this cookie will suck you right into a warm Christmas memory faster than you can say snickerdoodle. 

Lemon Drop Website.png

LEMON DROP    6.00

For any self-respecting muggle, a lemon cookie has to bite back or what’s the point? A cloyingly sweet cookie with a subtle essence of lemon just won’t do. The alchemy involved in order to get that magical balance of sweet & tart is tricky business. It took sourcing ingredients from the wizarding world to get it just right, but we’ve got you covered. Lemon drops straight from Sugarplum's Sweet Shop did the trick.  If you are really into lemon (and you know who you are) this one is bloody brilliant. Bright, vibrant, and oh so lemony, it is perfect for High Tea or just nibbling while reading Harry Potter for the 17th time. A cheering charm if ever there was one.

Frosted Soft Sugar Website.png



These are not your ordinary 'pink frosting with sprinkles from a gas station' kind of sugar cookie. We like to think of them more as a 'where have you been all my life, no I'm not sharing" kind of cookie experience. Our soft sugars are not too sweet and have a perfectly soft, melt in your mouth texture. But let's be honest - a soft sugar cookie's main function is to serve as a frosting delivery device, and these gems are smothered in the most sumptuous frosting known to witch or wizard.  And for you holiday enthusiasts, you will love the spells we cast to transmogrify the frosting and sprinkles to match every celebration

Nutter Butter Website.png



Someone asked us once: "Do you have just a regular peanut butter cookie?". We referred them to the 'Humdrum Bakehouse' the next village over. Nevertheless, it got us thinking that we should probably have a less 'nutty' peanut butter cookie for the purest with a wild side. So we went to work. We Alchemists always have to be combining stuff and there is no more iconic peanut butter cookie than the Nutter Butter®. It has been around since '69 dude, and there is a reason. They are crispy, crunchy and loaded with hypersonic peanut butter flavor, so we incorporated this American classic into our peanut butter base dough and presto, a not-so-regular, regular peanut butter cookie. 

Pop-Tart Website 2.png



“OMG, did you just say ‘Strawberry Pop-Tart® Cookie’?” That was the knee-jerk first reaction we received when we told a friend we were thinking about doing a Pop-Tart cookie.   That alone  sealed this cookie concept’s fate and frankly we are still laughing about it today because we often hear the exact same unfiltered response from so many people.  

To be truly satisfying we knew this cookie had to have an unmistakable Pop-Tart flavor, so we began with an old fashioned sugar cookie dough with plenty of butter! (Have you ever had butter on a Pop-Tart? It’s so freakin’ good!) Then, we mixed in a gazillion bits of chopped up strawberry Pop-Tarts, added a ribbon of strawberry jam, and baked half a Pop-Tart into the bottom of each cookie. THEN we dipped the tops in thick vanilla bean glaze, sprinkled them with rainbow jimmies, and topped each one with a mini Pop-Tart bite.  We are always looking to create  your next favorite cookie obsession, but this one . . . whoa. Who knew the level of nostalgic obsession for Pop-Tarts would be quite this insane. "OMG" indeed!

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"Wait, don't you already have a cookies & cream-ish cookie that looks like a bright blue monster named Sid?" you ask. Yes, yes we do. Is it really a problem for you that we wanted to do another riff on a cookies & cream theme? We didn't think so. The Sid is a limited edition offering and, as it turns out, people friggin LOVE cookies & cream. So, because we love you, we wanted to offer a cookies & cream cookie that you can order whenever your little heart desires. Just like it's blue counterpart, this one certainly passes the 'omg instagram' eyeball test. In an awesome twist of fate it also passes the 'omg this thing tastes amazing' test. We took Alchemy's incomparable chocolate chip cookie, loaded it with chunks of Oreos, dipped it in creamy white chocolate, sprinkled it with more oreo crumbs, and  fanned Oreo halves on top. You scream, I scream, we all scream for cookies & cream.

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Oh Snap! Classic, timeless cookies are few and far between here at Alchemy Bakehouse so, when we pull one out of our bag of tricks, it better be something special.  Fortunately we had access to a very secret, time-tested, and beloved base recipe. You know the one,  passed down generationally from grandma , to mom, to daughter.  We took it to the dungeon and got to work making it oh-so-slightly more special. After a few tests and experiments, we found that hints of orange and citrus did something absolutely magical to an already perfect recipe. If you are a ginger snap fan, this is one is supernal. Slightly crisp edges, chewy texture, and warm ginger notes . . .  it is the  the ginger cookie of your dreams.

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We have heard it said that roasted grasshoppers (yes, the insect) might be the worlds most sustainable super food. Packed with protein, loaded with nutrients and vitamins, and a crunch even a potato chip would be jealous of. To which we say &%$#@ing gross! We might be avantgarde, but we are not going to make a cookie loaded with bugs . . . at least not for human consumption. Oh no, our grasshopper is a deeply chocolate cookie similar in taste and texture to a brownie; crisp edges and a gooey chewy center. We load it with chocolate and Andes mint chips,  frost it with mint buttercream, and top it with Andes mint cookie crunch thins. Better than the mint brownies at my college alma mater? You bettcha. Better than the famous cocktail of the same name? Quite likely. This cookie is fit for the mint chip lover in your life and every leprechaun from here to Ireland.  Craic!

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There was a magical cake mix that used to reign supreme in the little town where I grew up. If you ask kids from that era what their favorite cupcakes and birthday cakes  were they will likely put the vaunted cherry chip at the very top of the list.  White cake with bright red cherry flecks, it was a feast for the eyes  and its subtle flavor of sweet cherry and vanilla will forever hold a happy place  in my memory. Alas,  funfetti rose to dominate the public conscious and cherry chip nearly faded from existence. Betty Crocker still makes the box mix but it is a rare find so we decided to make a cookie to pay homage to this favorite from yesteryear. It is a classic sugar cookie base flavored with cherry flecks, cherry and white chocolate chips and topped with a sweet cherry vanilla buttercream to further blur the line between cookie and cake. If cherry chip cake was a favorite of yours too, this will take you right back!

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A classic oatmeal raisin. Some may see this cookie as the purest form of  joy in the cookie universe. In fact, a writer friend of mine once told me "The oatmeal raisin cookie is severely underrated, the Jane Eyre of cookies".  Accurate, if obscure, Bronte references aside, we acknowledge there are those of you out there that really do have an affinity for this tried and true classic. Toasted oats, plump raisins and dark brown sugar with a hint of cinnamon just does it for some people.  We still view the oatmeal raisin cookie as the purest form of evil in the cookie universe (read the description for the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip for details) and vowed to make it for only one person on the planet. It took said person, the great and benevolent King Arnold, to allow this cookie to be offered to the heathen masses.  So, If you have fond memories of hearth and home that involve the oatmeal raisin cookie, Arnie says this is a darn good one and it is now available to all of you. Send him thank you messages care of Alchemy Bakehouse. God save our soul.  

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In the pantheon of little kids snacks few have the vaunted status of Teddy Grahams for church going parents with excitable kids. Since their introduction in 1988 these things have done more to help keep kids quiet in the hallowed halls than the holy ghost. A little baggy full of 'church trail mix' turns the most rambunctious tots into perfect little angels. Of course also an integral part of the holy trinity of church trail mix: chocolate chips and marshmallows. (Some might argue goldfish crackers should be in there but that is a different cookie for another time.)


For this cookie we are gonna leave out the fishy crackers and stick with a s'mores adjacent theme. We start with a soft honey graham flavored  cookie,  top it with lots of crunchy chocolate & honey flavored Teddy Grahams, then sprinkle on creamy smooth milk chocolate chips. What about the marshmallow you say? Don't worry. We stuffed the cookie centers with gooey chewy marshmallow for a first-bite surprise. Needless to say, this cookie is extra awesome warmed up ... Some might say a truly religious experience!



Wednesday Addams has always been a favorite of ours. She is just so . . . on brand. Before she was recognized for her unparalleled dancing ability, she is famously known for asking if Girl Scout Cookies are made with real Girl Scouts. And, while we assure you no Girl Scouts were harmed in the making of this cookie, we did draw inspiration from the beloved Samoas Girl Scout Cookie to create this one. Here's how we do it. Our dough is filled with pieces of Samoas, the bottoms of the cookie are dipped in chocolate, and the tops are have a thick coating of goo goo muck (toasted coconut caramel). We even finish them off with stripes of dark chocolate. But here's the thing, our version is 10x the size of the original and, instead of a hole in the middle, we used that space to give you more of the coconut caramel topping that is everyones favorite. Even though they are devoid of actual Girl Scouts we hope Wednesday would approve. 



Saturday morning mayhem is a fond childhood memory here at Alchemy Bakehouse. In the days before time, when there were but a precious

2 hours of cartoons on TV per week, a bowl of sweet cereal goodness while watching Grape Ape and Sigmond & The Sea Monsters felt like Christmas morning.  Amazing how much easier it was to get up for cartoons at 7 A.M. than it was to get up for school.

These cookies are a tip of the cartoon cap to simpler times and sugery-er cereals.

Lucky Charms Website .png



Raise your hand If you have ever picked a handful of marshmallows out of a box of cereal when no one was looking. If so (and we know you have) you are our kind of people. With this cookie you no longer have to hide your secret obsession from the world. Our Lucky Charms® cookie is flavored with marshmallows, filled with marshmallows, and topped with marshmallows. Sure, we threw in a few oat charms for good measure, but only because we wanted a little flavor and texture. Look down on the top of this cookie and it should remind you of a bowl of Lucky Charms floating in milk BUT with Marshmallows being in the PROPER proportion as the cereal Gods intended. Oh, and the glaze? That is made with Lucky Charms ‘cereal milk’ because we know you drink that magic elixir from the bowl after you eat the last spoonful. It seemed like the right thing to do.


Be warned: this is an uber-sweet  cookie. As in ‘Buddy The Elf Approved’ sweet.  It can’t be helped. Think about it, the thing is basically one big Lucky Charms marshmallow held together with sugar.  A Leprechaun level sugar cookie to be sure, and absolutely Magically Delicious!

Cinnnnamon Toast Crunch Website.png



We regularly craft darkly delicious cookies, but there is something a little more Cinn-ister about this addition to our Cereal Killer line-up. It is the Zodiac of the bunch. There is nary a “Cereal Power Ranking” on the web that does not have Cinnamon Toast Crunch in its top 10. This is science not conjecture (We googled it). CTC is regularly in the top 5, and some had it ranked #1 calling it: The the most perfect cereal ever devised by men or Gods. A ringing endosement, to be sure, but God should look away because this thing because this  thing is built for cinn. 


A soft , slightly chewy, cinnamon cookie filled with pieces of cereal and white chocolate chips, rolled in cinnamon sugar, dipped in a vanilla-cinnamon glaze, topped with copious amount of crunchy CTC Cereal, and sprinkled with magical cinnadust, it is a cinnamon dream come true ... or nightmare realized.  All right, you cinnn-ers, swing!

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We may be purveyors of the dark, the somber, the sinister, and the shadowy, but  we also proudly proclaim from the depths of the dungeon that Fruity Is Fabulous! After all, what would life be without a little color, a little laughter, and an oversized Carmen Miranda-inspired fruit hat from time to time? And, when the fires of the underworld burn hot? Ain't nothin' better than an ice cold fruity beverage. So, to create this happy little cookie, we took inspiration from the tutti fruitiest thing we could think of : Cartoon Cavemen, of course. Seemingly in everyones top 5 breakfast cereals, Fruity Pebbles® was a natural choice. We mix these colorful crunchies  into a fruit flavored dough then pile copious amounts of cereal on top too, held in perfect stasis with a vanilla citrus glaze. A fabulous breakfast cookie even Ms. Miranda would approve of.

Cocoa Pebbles Website.png



As mentioned above we are purveyors of the dark, the somber, the sinister, and the shadowy so least you think we are loosing our edge we have invited a less fruity cereal killer to this pebble party! Cocoa Pebbles to the stage please. (Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell' erupts from the sound system) .Put your hands together for Cocoa Pebbles! Even though this cookie looks like it is made for sin you probably DO want to bring it home to mother. This soft, light chocolate cookie is filled with Cocoa Pebbles and milk chocolate chips, then dipped in molten chocolate and topped with practically an entire bowl of crispy Cocoa Pebbles. It is a textural extravaganza and a chocolate sensation. With a pebble yell she'll cry more, More, MORE! 

Cap'n Crunch Website.png

CAP'N CRUNCH®   6.00


O Cap'n! My Cap'n!  Aside from the roof-of-the-mouth abuse required to eat a bowl of this delight, Cap'n Crunch is a global favorite of sugar cereal lovers everywhere.  First, fun fact, did you know the Cap'n's name is actually Horatio Magellan Crunch? That could not be more fantastic.  This cookie strives to do the good Cap'n  proud by starting with a delectably unusual sweet corn cookie base.  Some of you  just  checked out. This would be unwise. Let us expound. Basically Cap'n Crunch (sweet corn cereal)  is transmogrified into a soft, flavorful cookie that tastes just like Cap'n Crunch . . . and, bonus, it does not shred the top of your mouth so don't knock it until you try it! We topped it with cereal milk glaze and piled on the signature golden pieces of heaven. Of course we could not resist finishing off this high seas soiree with a few Crunch Berries. It is crazy how they make that center bite so deliciously different.



Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-a my, oh, my, what a wonderful day. There is a reason Alchemy Bakehouse adopted a new home in Knoxville Tennessee. It is the one of the most charming places in the United State. The temperate climate, the kind people, the laid back lifestyle and the natural beauty is nearly incomprehensible. It's the truth, it's  actch'll everything is satisfactch'll.  In fact, we are also smitten with many of our neighboring states as well, along with their unique food cultures. So, to honor and pay homage to the South and South East we have created

a collection of cookies honoring each state . Read on, plenty of sunshine's headin' your way!

Orange Creamsicle T Website.png



If you are going to have a cookie company based in Knoxville TN you had best have an orange cookie on the menu. A BIG ORANGE cookie in fact. We pay homage to Volunteer Nation with this exclusive cookie that tastes like a classic orange creamsicle. Bright orange citrus flavors derived from fresh oranges combine with a creamy vanilla drizzle to form a cookie that will excite your tongue, brighten your spirits, and make you want to sing "Rocky Top" at the top of your lungs. Go Vols!

Rocky Road Website.png



My grandmother's refrigerator was an enchanted place. You know those two drawers that are supposed to hold fruit in one and vegetables in the other? Well, grandma DeLaney kept a treasure trove of two types of candy bars in them. The vegetable drawer was always loaded with Annabelle's Rocky Road Bars (just as God intended). Clearly my grandma was a pioneer in the field of proper nutrition and a well balanced diet. She was also a visionary for the first, best use of humidity controlled refrigeration drawers. This cookie is an homage to Nana and the magical nostalgia surrounding this vintage treat. Mounds of pillowy marshmallow, toasted cashews, and rich milk chocolate top a soft and chewy, dark chocolate cookie. Like many of our creations we finish it with a little salt to contrast the sweet. and amp up the flavors. It is an indulgence fit for a marshmallow loving queen (or king). What was candy bar in the other drawer you may wonder? Well, that cookie will be iroduced  soon so keep a worry eye out for part two of this story.

Bananarama Website.png



Late one cruel summer evening we hatched a fiendish idea.  “Lets take America’s favorite fruit and transform it into something wildly unhealthy but ensure it is so incredibly delicious no one will care.” As we considered our options for inspiration the list began to grow longer and longer. Banana’s Foster, Banana Cake, Banana Pudding, Banana Bread, Banana Cream Pie, There is a long standing tradition of dragging the beloved banana down the darkest of dessert paths. We had our heading but we could not decide which banana dessert titan inspired us the most. So, like good alchemists, we decided to take bits and pieces from all of them and create our very own bananastien monster. This cookie has candied walnuts, salted caramel, Nilla Wafer ® pieces, Banana chips, banana buttercream and that is just the topping. The cookie itself is loaded with caramelized black cavendish bananas, more candied walnuts, notes of rum and vanilla, and a sublime banana flavor that will capture your immortal soul. If that is not enough to stir even the most discriminating primate’s passion we don’t know what is. 

Peach Cobbler Website.png



Our Chief Cookie Alchemist was born in the shadows of peach trees in a small farming community in  Gridley California so we feel a deep kinship to Georgia in the peach department. In the spring, peach blossoms filled the trees forever and in late summer, walking down dusty back roads, the smell of fresh peaches ready for harvest was intoxicating. It was here that he first began to bake, so it would be against some universal law if we did not create a peach cookie to honor that heritage.  Peach cobbler seemed like the obvious inspirational choice. Not as 'liquid' as a peach pie, but still having  all the sweet summer peach flavor of fresh fruit right off the tree.  This creation has sweet peach throughout from the bits of fruit baked inside, to the peach nectar glaze on top. This is truly an an homage to the place we will always call home.

Key Lime Pie Website.png

KEY LIME PIE     6.00    |    FLORIDA


“You guys should make a Key Lime Cookie!” If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that. You win, in two ways actually. First, your fondest summertime cookie dreams have come true. The Key Lime Pie Cookie is a reality. Secondly, you are going to feel like you won the key lime lottery when you take a bite of this one. We were uncompromising in the tart-sweet  lime flavor department with this creation. It is one tangy indulgence. The strata goes as follows: We start with a whole graham cracker, top it with our Key Lime Dough filled with graham cracker pieces and white chocolate chips, then we fill the centers with authentic Key Lime Pie Filling (made with real key limes from Key West), Frost with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting, and finish with fresh lime zest. It is as deliciously lime-y as lime gets. Pucker Up! 

Pecan Pie Website.png

PECAN PIE     6.00    |    TEXAS


Creating a Pecan Pie Cookie has been an idea bouncing around Alchemy Bakehouse for quite some time. This year is the first chance we have had to wave our magic wand and turn it into a Thanksgiving reality. Pecan pie takes center stage on holiday tables all over the U.S. but this newest edition to our ‘South by South East’ Collection is especially loved in the southern states and for good reason: The majority of pecans are grown in the south AND pecans are the secret MVP’s of the nut world. Fun Fact: Georgia my produce the most pecans these days, but pecan trees are actually indigenous to Texas. They have been around the lone star state since 650 B.C.! Our version of this harvest time favorite is a ‘cookie’ to be sure, but the flavors and textures are unmistakably that of a pecan pie. From the decadent, gooey pecan filling, to the flaky pie crust baked right into the bottom, if you are a pecan pie lover this cookie is for you.

Red Velvet Website.png



While Red Velvet was vey likely not invented in the south, the south certainly took it by force and made it it's own. Virtually every southern state could lay claim to this cookie but until we introduce our king cake cookie, this one belongs to Louisiana  if for no other reason than the the famous Red Velvet Armadillo cake cake scene from the movie Steel Magnolias. 

Here is a fun fact for you. Red Velvet is actually a light chocolate cake, and our cookie is no different. This is a a bright red, moist chocolate cookie stuffed with creamy white chips and mini chocolate drops. But what really sets this cookie apart is our special cream cheese icing sprinkled with crunchy red sugar sprinkles. It is prettier than the aforementioned armadillo cake and we are pretty sure it tastes better too!



'Tis The Season. Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Most associate this colloquial little phrase with Christmas, but there are 4 seasons after all

and here at Alchemy Bakehouse we think they all deserve their own unique cookie recognition. Get these while you can!


Lemon Blueberry Crumble Website.png



S’mores not withstanding, Summer is not our favorite season. Glaring sun, blazing heat, light until 11 p.m. . . . definitely not "on brand" for us. However, since we don’t have a spell for skipping June, July and August , we figured we could at least conjure something to make the dog days a bit more bearable.  So we took to the Alchemy laboratory and transformed a tart-sweet, perfectly summery  blueberry crumble into a cookie. Tangy, and refreshing, nibbling this concoction will invigorate your taste buds with intense bright lemon flavor, zippy fresh blueberries, and just enough sweet lemon white chocolate to perfectly marry everything together.  If you love lemon and blueberries, this is definitely the cookie for you. But beware, at Alchemy Bakehouse our lemons bite back!

Strawberry Shortcake Website.png



Do you remember those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars you could only get from an ice cream truck before the advent of WalMart neighborhood market? They are sort of  like a strawberry 'crazy shake'  that is all the rage right now, the ones with all the stuff hanging off of them, but in a compact form on a stick. Anyway, since this is a nostalgic memory from childhood we thought "Let's take a run at making this in cookie form".  As it turns out, it turned out! A soft vanilla cookie dough, gently flavored with strawberry emulsion and blended with dehydrated and freeze dried strawberries is soft-baked, drizzled with with strawberry syrup, dipped in white chocolate and topped with the classic strawberry / vanilla crumble that made the Good Humor bar the original Pretty In Pink summer treat it is. Put on some calliope music, add a scoop of ice cream, and fall away into a summer from yesteryear.

Raspberry Lemonade Website.png



You know what’s great about this cookie? For starters it smells incredible. If we ever come out with a line of scented candles or car air fresheners this one is going to be test subject numero uno. You know what else is great about this cookie? Literally everything (Unless you hate tart lemon or have an aversion to zingy raspberries). For those of you with discriminating palates and cultured taste, this cookie will absolutely excite and delight. With a crisp, chewy edge and a deliciously soft center our citrus berry masterpiece starts off  tasting like a tart lemon bar. We aren’t kidding, it is a bright lemon punch in the tongue. This is followed by sweet and tangy notes of raspberry. No better pairing on earth. And finally the lemon white chocolate ganache finishes the bite into a near lemon raspberry milkshake experience. Suck it summer!

Sour Patch Website.png



Of all the bizarre creations we have tried to pull off, we are truly letting our freak flag fly with this one. Playing with chocolate is one thing, but stepping into the realm of ‘chewy candy cookies’  is something else entirely.  You could almost understand Hot Tamales but when you start beheading Sour Patch Kids, well,  it edges right up next to ‘This is not going to end well.’ ‘Sour’ and ‘Cookie’ go together about as well as ice cream and ketchup. At least that is what we thought. Is it weird? Yup. Does it really taste sour then go sweet like the candy? It sure does. Make no mistake, this is Satan’s sugar cookie to be sure, but Is it also fruit-tactically enticing, surprisingly tasty, and shockingly addictive (After your brain finishes exploding and has time to process the experience). Sour, Sweet, Gone. This one is dedicated to the inner-eighth grader in all of us. 

All American Monster Website.png


Are you ready for a new sensation? Well, here’s a shot heard ‘round the world: Introducing The All American Monster Cookie. This Uncle Sam approved delight is the equivalent of the world's best trail mix manifest in cookie form. Festooned in red, white, and blue candy coated peanut finery, the AAM provides a firecracker-like boost in every bite. This thick, chewy peanut butter oatmeal cookie is filled with M & M’s, Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter Chips, Toasted Oats, Brown Sugar, and Candied Pecan Pieces. In other words, it was already a borderline energy cookie so, as we are want to do, we pushed it right over the edge and injected this little monster with a shot of caffeine for a boost of firework watching, late night shift pulling, afternoon pick-me-up level of ENERGY. Throw on something red, white and blue, grab your torches and pitchforks, and give it a try. We hope it gives your electrodes a jolt! Stand up and salute while this flag unfurls. ... IT’S ALIVE!.  

Homer D'ohnut Website.png



"Mmmmmmm Donuts"  If you did not read that in the voice of America's favorite bumbling-but-big-hearted yellow dad I'm not sure we can be friends. At Alchemy Bakehouse we obsess over donuts, but we make cookies. This was a problem. However we are professionals at turning pretty much anything dessert-related into a cookie so we went to work on a solution. Finding the perfect intersection of Cookie and Donut is trickier then it seems. Putting a hole in the middle is pretty obvious, and the 'big pink donut' look  is well established,  but raised donuts are texturerly unique. If we tried to copy that we would be in the donut business. So, we decided instead to honor the classic by aiming left off center rather than trying to directly hit the bullseye. What we came up with is a pillowy soft, very vanilla buttermilk cookie for our 'donut', then frosted it with signature bright pink glaze. Thick, sugary, and vaguely strawberry flavored, it is glorious. Finally we lovingly scattered those trademark rainbow sprinkles on top. We think Mr. Simpson would approve.

Nutty Muddy Buddy Website.png



Before we get started, can we pause for a moment to bask in the glory that is the name of this cookie? It is just so deliciously fun to say: Nutty. Muddy. Buddie. Cookie. 


It is like our very own Alchemy tongue twister both in articulation AND as a flavor profile. It is pure blissful peanut butter perfection. (Okay, add alteration to the list too.)


This is a rich peanut butter cookie topped with a decadent layer of chocolate and adorned with Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars and Chex Peanut Butter Nutty Buddies. A sweet and savory textural bonanza: Crunchy, Chewy, Crispy, Creamy . . . oops, there we go again. 


If you love peanut butter & chocolate this is a cookie fantasy in the making. Just add milk!

Strawberry Cheesecake Website.png



 “Do you have a strawberry cheesecake cookie?” Ask 1,000 times and ye shall receive . . . eventually. This cookie has been in the works for some time now and should have been pretty straight forward, but we have a knack for over-complicating everything. Let us tell you about it. Step one: Create an invisible graham cracker crust with brown sugar and browned butter so the cookie magically tastes like it has a traditional cheesecake crust but you can’t figure out how. Step 2: Craft a cookie with hints of cream cheese and strawberries sturdy enough to hold a cheesecake center but soft enough to create a cheesecake-in-a-cookie eating experience. Step 3: Create a creamy cheesecake filling with sweetened cream cheese, flecks of vanilla bean, and hints of lemon zest to bring a subtle brightness to the party. Step 4: Simmer fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar into a deeply complex compote then blend into a fresh and flavorful purée to top the cheesecake filling. Step 5: Assemble each item into a cookie and top with half a fresh strawberry. See, it really ain’t easy bein’ cheesy, but for our customers, anything!


BeTWIXed Website.png


Halloween has a name and it is BeTWIXed. One of our very most popular concoctions, the BeTWIXed cookie was brought to life as an homage to our perpetual favorite trick-or-treat bag discovery. This mind-altering creation is a top-to-bottom, inside out Twixtacular! Filled with 3 kinds of chocolate & chopped up Twix bars, then topped with fun size Twix, this alone should be 'Twix' enough for even the most discriminating Twix lovers. However, we are not exactly a run of the mill bakery so, for a little extra fright night surprise, we also top buttery shortbread with a mound of soft caramel and bake it into the bottom of the cookie. Alchemy at its bedeviling, beguiling, bewitching best.

Frankensteins Monster  Website.png



We were working in the the lab late one night when our eyes beheld an eerie sight our monster from it's slab began to rise with a halloween twist, to our surprise. This cookie is difficult to define. It is shockingly substantial, electrifyingly sustaining, and provides a unique jolt of energy for ghouls & goblins of any size. Deep roasted peanut butter, old fashioned steel-cut oats, Reese’s peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, chopped pecans, peanut & plain M & M’s bedecked for the haunted holiday. . . . It’s like an otherworldly trail mix baked into a cookie. And you won’t believe the taste of the dark caramelized bottom on these things. It's ALIVE!

Halloween Death By Chocolate Website.png


‘Death By Chocolate’ with a Halloween spin.  A midnight-dark chocolate cookie, filled with an absurd amount of 4 kinds of decadent chocolate and rolled in Orange Cream Halloween Oreo® crumbs, this thing is Jack's dream. Look close, you can almost the Pumpkin King staring back at you! Everybody Scream!

Halloween Circus Animal Website.png


Our nostalgic Circus Animal creation takes a haunting turn with cats and bats dancing together atop an old fashioned crack top sugar cookie befitting Mr. Bradbury's nightmarish traveling circus. From the first bite, the extraordinarily 'vanilla' flavor profile  of this orange sugar coated  jewel will transport you  back to the frightfully fun halloween parties of yesteryear and fill you with the glee experienced during a night of trick-or-treating  as a kid. Step right up, whisper your fondest wish, this cookie may just make your deepest life long dream come true.

Monster Mash Website.png


From our laboratory in the castle east to the master bedroom where the vampires feast, the ghouls all came from their humble abodes to get a jolt from our KitKat cookie. This one is definitely a grave yard smash. These KitKat mini-monsters are only available in Transylvania but we imported the ‘Crypt Kicker Five’ to make their American debut on our brand new Halloween Cookie! Adorning the tops of these howling delights are Frankenstein, The Mummy, Witch Esmeralda, Dracula . . . and his Son. If your favorite trick or treat bag candy is KitKat this one is for you! Stuffed with chocolate chips and KitKat chunks, it is topped with KitKat mini monsters, green ‘Witches Brew’ marshmallow KitKats, and dazzling Halloween sprinkles.  To quote the impetuous boy Igor . . . Mmmgrrr, Mash Good!

Haunted Nutter Butter Website.png


When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange sounds echo through empty halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still — that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight! Welcome, foolish mortals, I am your host, your ghost host. Some of you may recognize that famous quote. It is one of our very favorites and a perfect lead in for this ghostly treat, This is a purely peanut butter cookie through and through. Soft and chewy with a little crisp around the edges, stuffed full with Reese's peanut butter chips, Reese's Pieces, and dark roasted  peanuts then topped with halloween sprinkles and a hand dipped and decorated Nutter Butter ghost. If you are obsessed with peanut butter this cookie is calling your name from beyond the grave. Happy Haunts.

Trick Or Treat Website.png


Do you remember running into the house after a long night of Halloween Trick Or Treating to assess your haul? Dumping your bag on the nearest hard surface and rifling through the candy to find your favorites? I was that OCD kid that would separate and group all of the like candy. Anyway, there was something singularly exciting about seeing the volume and variety in front of you. To quote Forrest Gump "You Never Know What You're Gonna Get". Well, we had this idea to do a cookie for spooky season that captures that same sort of experience. Every cookie is unique and you won't know exactly what you are going to get until you start eating it. We start with a fudge brownie-esque base, filled with mini chocolate chips and Halloween M&M's. THEN we add lots of spooky sprinkles on top and bake them. Here is where the fun starts. When they come out of the Alchemy ovens, we hand decorate the tops of each cookie with lots of random trick or treat candy so each bite will be a different taste and texture sensation. This is Halloween!


Biscoff, Frosted Website.png



"We love cookie butter,  you should make a cookie with it!" said my sister and creator of the incredible, hand-carved Alchemy Bakehouse street sign. To which I replied "Cookie what?". I had no idea what she was talking about. She tried to explain it to no avail. Then she said "Have you ever had a Biscoff Cookie? Cookie butter is a spread that tastes like that."  Shafts of light appeared, angels began to sing and so began our quest to create a cookie to honor Speculoos the delicious, perfectly crisp and crumbly brown sugar spice cookie that originated in Belgium. If you have ever been on a United Airlines flight you have probably had one, loved it, and just didn't remember the name. Don't blame yourself, their branding is a little confusing. However their product is otherworldly. We use cookie butter in the dough, frost with a Biscoff buttercream, and top with pieces of this crispy cookie perfection. Whatever you call it Speculoos, Lotus, Biscoff, we call it amazing. Thank's for the suggestion Steph, the cookie world owes you one. (This cookie is available with the frosting on the side to use as a cookie dipper)

Stroopwafle Website.png


At Alchemy Bakehouse we do our share of referencing 80’s and early 90’s pop culture & music in our cookie descriptions. To that end ... 

Here we go, here we go, here we go again.

What’s our weakness? Trends.

We were in the dungeon chillin, chillin, minding our business, had an idea and we couldn’t resist it. We swear, It’s rare, we couldn’t dismiss it. This creation had it going on with something kinda wicked, we’re not shy so we started to mix it.

Felt it in our soul so we dipped into our bag of tricks. Added cinnamon, sugar, and stirred it up thick. Licked a spoon full of cookie dough like it should be licked. Knocked us for a loop so we baked it up quick.

Don’t know how we do the voodoo that we do so well it's a spell, hell, it made us add a Stroop. A whole Stroopwafel Cookie that is.


(This may be the best use of Salt-N-Pepa in a cookie EVER.)

Black Forest Website.png



Our infamous aphorism “Darkly Delicious Cookies” does a brilliant job of describing what we do. So when we got a request to create a cookie for Oktoberfest the idea was instantaneous. What could be darker than the Black Forest after all? So we transformed the world famous cake named after this famous German mountain range into a cookie worthy of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. A rich black chocolate cookie enhanced with concentrated tart cherry juice and studded with dark chocolate & dried tart cherries is dredged in snow white confectioners sugar and topped with a red chocolate covered tart cherry. “Prost!”

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Website.png


Confession time: Alchemy Bakehouse is not that crazy about pumpkin. We know, pumpkin is totally ‘on brand’,  but it has always seemed to be kind of a flavor bully to us. Overused in anything and everything from September to December. It is ubiquitous and inescapable. And when it comes to baked goods, especially cookies,  it seems ‘cake-y’ is the only thing anybody ever bakes; An endless sea of puffy pumpkin muffin tops. However,  our loyalists demanded we get in the lab and create a pumpkin cookie worthy of the Alchemy name. You win. Taking inspiration from a fall treat in a bake shoppe located in the most sincere pumpkin patch in northern California, and applying our alchemic prowess, we think this crisp-edged, soft-chewy centered, warm spiced pumpkin pastry hits the mark. It has hints of toffee, bits of chocolate, and is topped with a silky cream cheese frosting sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. Autumnal nirvana.

Maple Bacon Website.png


(2 dozen minimum purchase)

Baconnalia, Baconpalooza, Baconfest . . . however you celebrate it, and it does deserve to be celebrated, bacon is the undisputed champion of making virtually EVERYTHING better. There is just something about that crispy smokey salty meat candy that sends tastebuds to the moon and makes us all wish for just one more piece. People are incorporating bacon into so many things these days with one of the more popular combos being bacon and maple, so we thought "Why not do a maple bacon cookie?" As it turns out, this was a really great idea. Along with caramel-y butterscotch chips and toffee bits, we mix a pound of bacon mixed into each batch of dough, Then top each cookie with scratch made maple doughnut glaze and an entire piece of bacon. This cookie hits you with sweet and savory in every mind-bending bite. A bacon lover's dream come true!

Caramel Apple Website.png


(2 dozen minimum purchase)

You are at an autumn farmers market in a cashmire cable knit  sweater. There is a chill in the air and orange leaves skitter about your feet in the morning breeze. As you wander through the vendor booths you are surrounded by sweet seasonal treats and find yourself faced with a decision: Which nosh option should you choose? A spiced cookie would be perfect, but those caramel apples look amazing. Perhaps warm cinnamon roasted walnuts? A slice of pie? Maybe some hand crafted vanilla caramels? Clearly the only decision is to get one of each . . . at least that is how we roll. Our Fall Inspired Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pie Cookie takes the best parts of each of these feast season favorites to create the ultimate Thanksgiving approved cookie.  Tart granny smith apples and crunchy walnuts are enhanced with deep notes of toffee and warm autumn spices. This cookie has a crisp edge, gooey center and is topped with 4 pools of soft caramel. Peek underneath and you will discover it is all baked on top of a cinnamon sugar pie crust cookie round. All the magic of our favorite time of year in one decidable bite!  If you want to practice a little delayed gratification, wait until you get home, heat it up, and add a scoop of premium ice cream. Mmmmmm Fall.


Santa Cube Website.png


(*Must be purchased in increments of  16)


Santa has bested the Borg in this Christmas twist on an Alchemy favorite. The Santa Cube is a 3” x 3” x 3” dense, delicious, crispy, chewy, marshmallowy engineering wonder. Omne Trium Perfectum.  Festive in every way, this holly jolly masterpiece is 10 oz of crispy rice treat cheer, triumphantly topped with a thin layer of white chocolate and sprinkled with Santa red sanding sugar. Approved but he jolly olde elf himself, this is sure to bring out the sugar plum dreaming child in everyone. (Also available in 'Grinch  Green' with a red heart, for the those who fancy to the snowy peaks of Mount Crumpit over the North Pole.)

White Chocolate Cranberry Website.png


(*2 dozen minimum purchase)

Most call this time of year the Holiday Season. At Alchemy we fondly refer to it as 'Cookie Season'. Either way, it really is an incredibly special time of year, and this yule tide creation has been dubbed by many as "Christmas In A Cookie". A buttery brown sugar cookie filled with snowy white chocolate, bright tangy dried cranberries, crunchy salty grinch-green pistachios, spicy sweet candied ginger and fresh orange zest. This delightful bite of holiday cheer might just replace the sugar plumbs dancing in your head. Oh, and don't forget the citrus cream cheese icing, a cookie like this deserves to be dressed in holiday finery. It is the most complex flavor profile of anything we bake, and our best example of how to truly Celebrate Cookie Season.

Chocolate Peppermint Stick Website.png


It may be a marshmallow world in the winter, but nothing is so unequivocally Christmas in taste, smell, and seasonal eye appeal as a peppermint candy cane. We suppose you could argue a twinkling evergreen tree might give the red & white stripes  a run for their money in the  looks and smell department but, trust us, they taste terrible. Reminiscent of a dark chocolate brownie,  This cookie is crafted with 7 different types of chocolate, with bright peppermint highlighting every bite. Topped wirth Andes® peppermint crunch thins (only available in December), dipped in snowy, smooth white chocolate, and sprinkled with crushed peppermint sticks,  this cookie is a fun and festive holiday show-stopper that is absolute peppermint perfection.

Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake Website.png


What is a snickerdoodle? Basically a cinnamon coated sugar cookie with a little tang to it.  Why is it called a coffee cake if there is no coffee in it? Because it is a sweet breakfast treat that pairs great with coffee. Why would you collide those 2 things together? Because we are Alchemy Bakehouse and that's what we do.  Snickerdoodle's are great, but we wanted to amp up our famous nostalgia cookie and it's  cinnamon-y simplicity for the holidays. Coffee cake is sort of like a snickerdoodle in cake form with a cinnamon swirl and a cinnamon crumb topping drizzled with a cinnamon vanilla glaze.  Seems like a perfect fit for the top of our Holiday inspired a snickerdoodle to us! So light a cozy fire, turn on the tree, grab a good book & a blanket, pour soul warming a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate), and have a Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake Cookie. Happy Holidays!

Santa's Favorite CCC Website.png


He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle,  but I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight: “Merry Christmas to all, and . . . hey, Blitzen, if we have time can we swing back by Alchemy Bakehouse for another one of those Chocolate Chip Cookies? Ho Ho holy cow, those things really give Mrs. Claus’ a run for her money!” 


It is not just any cookie that will cause Santa to go off-script like that! This yuletide delight is a Christmas riff on the cookie that started Alchemy Bakehouse. Our famous triple chocolate chip becomes quadruple with the addition of white chocolate morsels, and they shine with extra Christmas cheer with a sprinkle of red green and white nonpareils. 


If you want to insure an extra gift under the tree  set one out for Santa on Christmas eve!

Gingersnap Frosted  Website.png


Did you ever sneak a bite of one of those boxed gingerbread house kits? The corner of a roof that broke off or something? If so, we hope you did not break a tooth. We also hope it did not deter you from the joys of gingerbread for life. Definitely not Santa approved


Few things embody the visual splendor of Christmas like gingerbread houses, gingerbread men and the like. Done right they don’t just look spectacular, they taste fantastic too! Did you know that a large part of the classic ‘Gingerbread’ flavor is Molasses? Did you also know that if you use notes of citrus in gingerbread it goes from awesome to otherworldly? At Alchemy we are pretty good at taking familiar flavors and elevating them  to ‘Ms. Claus’ Kitchen’ level. This one is North Pole worthy for sure. A chewy, warm spiced ginger molasses cookie with a citrus kissed buttercream topped with red & green sanding sugar and, for good measure, topped with a white fudge-backed gingerbread man.


Run, run, run as fast as you can, you might catch a cookie (With a gingerbread man! )


The Sid v2 Website.png


At Alchemy Bakehouse we are fond of all kinds of mythical beasts, but there is one googly-eyed, blue furry creature that is particularly inspiring to all cookie lovers. So, to honor everyone’s favorite cookie obsessed monster, and to ring in the New Year with a smile, we created ‘The Sid’.


Filled with white chocolate chips, dark chocolate flecks, and oreo chunks (plus another cookie surprise baked right into the middle) This bright blue beacon of Alchemy Bakehouse bliss is sure to take Cookies & Cream fans over the monster moon. 


Oh, and why ‘Sid’ you ask? Well it is a little known fact that Sid is the monster’s first name. Don’t believe us? Just GOOGLE it. Nom Nom Nom!

Winter Soft Sugar Website.png


January is an interesting time. Holiday memories begin to fade, the promise of a new year sparkles before us, and the yearning for spring time begins. However winter still has a couple of months to do its thing so we figured a cookie to honor the flurries and frost yet to come would be appropriate. Endorsed by Anna & Elisa, Snow Miser, Winter Warlock and Jack Frost, this 'Snow &  Iced ' soft sugar cookie  should be just the thing for all the snow bunnies & bros out there looking for a sweet treat to see them through the winter season ahead.


Cupid's Cube Website.png


(*Must be purchased in increments of  16)


You know Madame Rue, that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine?  Well, in case you have never heard of her, she is a voodoo queen and master brewer of Love Potion No. 9. And, as luck would have it, she is a personal friend of Alchemy Bakehouse. The venerable madame has granted us exclusive baking rights to use her rare and potent potion to craft these limited edition aphrodisiacs. Cupid’s Cube is a colossal rice krispie treat  topped with sparkling, romantic red sanding sugar, spiked with the worlds strongest love elixir and topped with a Dove® chocolate heart. These crispy, gooey, chewy valentines will capture the object of your hearts desire faster than Cupid’s arrow.

Red Velvet Heartbreaker Website.png


For as many songs as there are about love, there may be an equal number about love lost. Not every Valentine is funny after all, and even if you are currently in a relationship that sets your heart on fire, at some point nearly everyone has been the victim of a Heartbreaker. Robert Plant, Pat Benatar, Elvis . . . even Dion Warwick parlayed this brand of personal devastation into a lucrative royalty, so we figured "Why not Alchemy Bakehouse?".  This red velvet wonder is designed to help heal the most broken of hearts. Our deep red, sweet cocoa dough is filled with creamy white chocolate & dots of rich dark chocolate, then slathered with a vanilla cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with sparkling sugar crystals, and topped with a Dove® chocolate heart. So whether you are lamenting the one that got away, or romancing the one you hope will stay, this cookie is for you.

XO Website.png


Copy is currently under review by our legal team. Apparently cancel culture has an objection to X's being referanced next to O's without specific disclaimers  Actual text to come shortly . . . maybe.

Cupid CCC Website.png


Heartfelt  and hilarious description leaving the quiver and heading to the page shortly. 


Emerald Isle Website.png


There are a lot of reasons to kiss us here at Alchemy Bakehouse. For starters we make some pretty wicked cookies which have induced all manner of grateful praise including pats on the back, long (sometimes awkwardly long) embraces,  and kisses galore.  This time of year, however, you may have added incentive to plant one on us: We are quite literally Irish and St. Patricks Day, being what it is, encourages that type of behavior towards Alchemists like us. So, to celebrate (and ensure we have nice fresh breath for the kissing onslaught) we created a cookie worthy of a Leprechaun's gold. Members of The Shamrock Society  Rejoice! This is a refreshing, minty, chocolate green velvet cookie filled with white chocolate chips, dark chocolate flecks, and chopped up Andes® Mints. Then we top it with Mint frosting, more chopped Andes® Mints, Andes® Mints triangles,  and a dusting of that sweet Leprechaun Gold we mentioned earlier. Irish eyes everywhere are smiling .!

Cadbury Mini Eggs Website.png


If you're a fan of Rankin/Bass holiday specials you will no doubt fondly remember Heat Miser, Burgermeister Meisterburger, Professor Hinkle, and The Bumble. But none of these baddies could hold a candle to our favorite R:B villain of all time: January Q. Irontail. Easter’s nemesis. This dark, dastardly rabbit was voiced by Vincent Price, which is cool enough on it's own, but  Irontail also influenced Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas so, to the wickedest stop motion bunny of all time, we tip our sorcerers cap. Irontail is all Alchemy. After all, he did try and commission chocolate tarantulas & octopuses to replace chocolate bunnies and chicks. We love the moxie.  What does this have to do with our Easter cookie? Absolutely nothing. But how were we supposed to lead with tulips and butterflies when we could pay homage to our favorite easter bunny? If you need a loose tie-in here it goes:  We have made a spring-tacular  Easter cookie even Irontail would love (eye roll). Cadbury mini eggs are everyones favorite, so our cookie  is filled with them. For good measure we threw in milk & white chocolate chips, too. Smooth and creamy with the crunch of perfectly pastel mini egg sugar shells. It is delicious, addicting and a different flavor profile than any cookie we make. If you could transform an Easter basket into a cookie (which we can) it would be this one!



Cookies are what we do. But sometimes, when the moon is full and the chilled winds of 'witch weather' blow skittering leaves along cobblestone streets, we stay a little later, work a little more feverishly, and produce creations that push beyond the pale. These are some of our most devilish.

Alchemy Brownie Website.png


(*Must be purchased in increments of  16)


The Alchemy Brownie is unapologetically chocolate to its core, and the de facto choice for any person with a clinical chocolate addiction that has not only fallen off the wagon, but has no idea where the wagon even is anymore.  This sinful confection is a 3.5” x 3.5” x 1" square of unholy bliss that strikes a perfectly precarious balance between moist & chewy and dense & cake-like. We mix superior quality mini chocolate chips right into the batter so each bite explodes with uniform, silky, chocolatey goodness and, if you are feeling especially daring, we will frost these iniquitous indulgences with dark chocolate buttercream frosting.  


A word of warning: During full moons and Mercury retrogrades we have been known to “experiment” with all kinds of bizarre and wonderful topping twists on these little monsters. Being alchemists and all, we can (and have) transformed virtually all of our cookies into a brownie counterpart. We can do it on command for you too. Pure lunacy.

(*Salted Caramel Turtle Brownie pictured.)

Browned Butter Blondie Website.png


(*Must be purchased in increments of  16 )

A masterwork created for the non-chocolate loving class that fearfully lives among us. A 3.5” x 3.5”  dense, rich, butter-based brownie topped with toffee caramel and sprinkled with pecans. One bite of this and you will walk, head held high, amongst your chocolate-loving peers as they frantically try to figure out how to get one of their own.

Borg Cube 'New Top' Website.png


(*Must be purchased in increments of  16)


Lower Your Shields. Surrender Your Ship.  Resistance Is Futile. The Borg Cube is a 3” x 3” x 3” dense, delicious, crispy, chewy, marshmallowy engineering wonder. Omne Trium Perfectum.  Utterly shuddersome, this  universal terror is 10 oz of crispy rice treat dread, frightfully topped with a thin layer of white chocolate and sprinkled with coarse sanding sugar. You know the two-handed rice crispy treat you wished you could have willed into existence when you were kid? We made it. Prepare to be assimilated. 

Cookie Croissant Website.png



As retched a hive of scum and villainy as social media often is, it does have it’s moments of brilliance. Enter the cookie croissant. The natural next instalment in the “Let’s turn a Croissant into . . . “ series, this delectable addition to Nutella croissants, croissant bread pudding,  Cronuts and the like was a long time coming. Invented at Boulangerie Louvard in Paris, influancers rapidly got their grubby little mitts on it and the trend was off and running. Since we knew that we were borderline required to take a swing at making this, we took a little time to work out our version of this internet sensation. We wanted to make sure we did it right. Our Alchemists excel at their job and, though we have not yet been to Paris to try the original, we think we nailed it. A flaky, buttery croissant with shattering layers filled with ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie dough . . . it is like a chocolate croissant on steroids.   Additionally, and this is the really fun  part, since we have well over a hundred cookies (and counting) we can make just about any flavor of cookie into a cookie croissant! Your next brunch is gonna be très fantastique.

Caramel Corn.png

WORLD'S BEST CARAMEL CORN    5.00    |   6.00  NUTS 



Out of place? Maybe. Earned its place? Abso-freakin-lutely.  This handcrafted double-baked, crispy, buttery, intensely toffee-like caramel corn is legendary and on a completely different caramel corn level than you are used to. Plain or with nuts, this may be the most insanely munchable item in the Alchemy arsenal. There is a strong possibility you will become instantly addicted. You have been warned. Caramel Corn is only offered from September - November. Fall has spoken.

Spellbinder Website.png


Little cups of fluffy, flavorful bliss, spellbinder cups help extraordinary cookies fill their highest, best purpose: To serve as as the ultimate hand-to-mouth frosting delivery device. Far less trouble than using a spoon, and  far more civilized than using your fingers, cookies serve as the ultimate edible  'frosting shovel ' allowing you to maintain the appearance of decorum while secretly releasing your inner gluttonous forest troll.  Dip, dunk, slather, or scoop our spellbinders on any of our cookies to experience pure alchemic joy and an unsurpassed sugar rush . You deserve the indulgence! Spellbinders come in the following flavors: Unbirthday Cake (shown),  Death By Chocolate, Vital Idol (White Wedding), Cookies & Cream,  Vampire Killer (Sunshine Citrus), Cookie Butter (Speculoos)., Peanut Butter Cream,  and Grasshopper (Mint Chip)

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$69 per Dozen


















{Deliveries Originate From South West Knoxville}


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